Energy work services can be through guided mediation, chakra alignments, and/or other shadow work. Most choose a path of energy work that focuses on grounding, bourdaries, raising your vibration, or energy protection. I do not do love spells, lottery, money, or evil spell work. Get a special quote here to get started on your spiritual healing journey.

I offer teachings in topics inluding but not limited to mediumship, crystal healing, psychic abilities, protection, chakra healing, meditation, buddhism, santeria, women's health, and energy work. I offer teachings for corporate, private parties, and individual. Book here

Purpose Reading

I offer additional services at $100 per hour or based on quote provided by me. Custom services include mentorship, spiritual development, life coaching, house clearings, and bulk booking. Discount is applied for every 3 items booked in anything offered on this website. Get a free assessment of your needs by emailing me here

Health energy readings use my Spirit Guide to connect with your chakra energy at the time of the reading and provide insights for ultimate balance in health (mental, physical, emotional mental). This service starts at 60 minutes for $99. Disclaimer will be signed upon booking. Book here


Custom Work

Energy Work

Purpose readings particularly cover topics related to family, career, relationships, and health energy. I use my Spirit Guide provide insight and guidance based on the information brought forward. This service starts at 60 minutes for $111. Book your session here

In my Mediumship readings, I bring forward your loved ones and upon request, your Spirit Guides. The reading can cover the four topics mentioned in the purpose reading description, but I allow your loved ones to come forth with the information to be delivered. This service starts at 60 minutes for $144. Book your session here

**All services starts at 60 minutes, and can be increased in 30 minute increments. 

Health Energy