Testimoninals for Mary Love

 "Everything you said was really on point. As you know, I come to you once a year because the information brought through helps me for the rest of the year. I feel so guided by your Spirit Guide and by my ancestors. Both your purpose readings and mediumship readings are spot on. Thanks Mary Love, see you soon!"

“Mary, thank you so much for my amazing reading. Everything was so spot on. Especially when you brought through Jim. Not only was I surprised, I was comforted by both You and him. You are such a beautiful star; your gifts are so healing. I cannot wait to come back :)”


Mary, made my first experience with reading an amazing one! She brought tears to my eyes. She was so thorough, patient, kind and full of life! She told me things I didn’t think she would pick up on and brought clarity to some very important situations. She reconfirmed many questions that I had as well. On top of that she gave me an amazing summary to follow by throughout life and I gratefully love and appreciate her lovely soul. Book her on IG or Twitter at @mf_love11


“Hi Mary, I just got home. I cried all the way home, it all makes so much sense… thank you. Everything is so clear, thank you so much for everything”


“Sister Mary I have asked my mom and sister to make an appointment with you do you were so exactly precise. My mind is still trying to wrap around your amazing gifts as if you are a superhero. Sister with the gift you have that God has given you; you can help so many others. Thank you sister Mary for the clarity and you are truly an angel.”


"If you're reading this testimonial, I'm sure you understand that approaching the spiritual world is a journey within itself. However, having fear due to personal experiences whilst being younger always made me hesitant toward getting any type of reading or clearings done. I think the biggest fear was going through all of it alone... then I booked a reading with Mary. Mary did not only put me at ease before, during, and after the readings, but her aura was also so uplifting and clearing that the light in which she had around her stuck to me, making me lighter. If you are feeling the urge to be read but do not know by who, I would strongly recommend her. She changed my whole perspective on everything spiritual. She really knows what she's doing."